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Whole Body Cryotherapy is a recovery method that began to be utilized between the world’s top athlete and celebrity.Session is up to 3 minutes.
The reaction by cryotherapy that became ultra-low temperature of -120 ℃ ~ -196 ℃ byliquid nitrogen increases the resilience of the body.
In this salon, we adopted a domestic brand’s Cryo machine in consideration of safety and security.We are waiting for you here in Japan with CRYO TOKYO of Azabujuban, Minato-ku.



  • Allow the inside of the cabin to cool to -120℃ to -180℃ in advance.take off your clothes and only underwear attached. (Take off brassieres too)
  • Wear protective gloves and protective shoes.protective supporters should be worn if necessary.
  • Wipe sweat, body cream etc with a towel etc and enter the cabin without skin and underwear wet.
  • Enter the cabin and adjust the height so that the head completely emerges from the cabin.
  • When cold air starts to appear, please rotate slowly without stopping at a certain position.
  • Duration is 2-3 minutes
    (We will start from 2 minutes for the first time, please try 3 minutes session when you get used to it.)



  1 session  6 session 
2min( beginner)   ¥14,300 ¥55,000

3min( normal)

¥16,500 ¥71,500

CRYO BODY Pair ※Limited to the same course

2min( beginner)  


3min( normal)



1 session ¥13,200 
6session ¥55,000(1session ¥9,166)

NORMATEC ※After the Cryo Body,  discount price

Blood flow and lymph flow in the foot

10分 ¥3,300  → *¥2,300
20分 ¥5,500 → *¥3,300
30分 ¥8,800 → *¥5,500

※All ticket valid for 3 months from the first day.

※Cryo Body can walk-in.
Reservations are necessary if you have facials session or courses.



Minato-ku, Tokyo Azabu Juban 2-1-1
KINOKUNIYA SUGAR Residence 3 floor
Azabu-Juban Station 4 No. 1-minute walk
from the exit.